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P1xellat3d, Jan 30, 12 4:25 PM.
It took a while, but we finally are 7/8!

As always, read up on Madness of Deathwing. First night will be aimed at a 7/8 clear and the second night should be all solid Madness attempts.

See you guys during raid time!


Chameleos, Jan 17, 12 7:37 PM.
Team 2 has finally started up! Wish them the best of luck when you see them!

Also Team 1 Has first 5 on Farm. Gunship is to be downed This week we figure! GO TEAM GO! YOU CAN DO IT!
please look up the Spine Of Death Wing and Fall Of Death Wing fights if you have not already folks! as it is very important for our teams advancement!

New Strats

Sourpower, Dec 6, 11 8:57 AM.
Hey guys, 

Since we're on Zon'ozz I won't bother posting his strat but as we are looking to get him down this week I figured I'd post the next 2 bosses in Dragonsouls - Hagara Strat - Ultraxion strat

The ultraxion strat should be priority as it is a far more difficult fight then hagara. 

Enjoy and if you have any questions please feel free to message me.

Morchok Strategy

Sourpower, Nov 29, 11 11:57 AM.
For your viewing (I say viewing, but there were no good videos of the fights yet) pleasure. Listed below are the 2 boss fights I expect people to know coming raid time on Friday. The 3rd (Alizabal) is an optional as it's the new BH boss. (Optional) Alizabal - Baradin Holds Tier 13 boss. (REQUIRED) Morchok - The 1st boss we will be doing. (REQUIRED) Yor'sahj - The 2nd boss.

Ragnaros 10 man strat

Sourpower, Oct 31, 11 11:01 AM.
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